The Rising Pints | Charm




  • Release Date: 2001
  • Artist(s): The Rising Pints

Charm was the third album from The Rising Pints and it was primarily a collaboration between Mark Renburke and Brian Cullen. Mark had left Japan at this point and returned to the United States. Much of the recording was carried out through the postal system by sending CDs to each other. The album cover is by Leon Harris, another songwriter who was active in the Nagoya music scene at the time.

  1. Tell My Ma
  2. Whiskey in the Jar
  3. The Golden Thread
  4. Lily of the West
  5. Drunken Sailor
  6. Ballybay
  7. St. Annes Reel & Drowsy Maggie
  8. Maids When You’re Young
  9. The Red Bicycle