Brian Cullen | Lady Don’t Cry




  • Release Date: 1995
  • Artist(s): Brian Cullen with Tomonori Shimizu

Lady Don’€™t Cry was the first album recorded by Brian Cullen. He recorded it in 1995 with the amazingly talented multi-instrumentalist Tomonori Shimizu a few years after he arrived in Japan. It was released only on cassette which was still a popular format at the time. Lady Don’t Cry is a very gentle album, eight songs with simple guitar or piano backing. The songs capture Brian’s voice in an innocent pure form.

    1. Lady Don’t Cry
    2. Girl
    3. Hey Raging River
    4. Holding on Tightly
    5. Road of Thorns
    6. The Island
    7. You Are My Song
    8. Peaceful by the River