The Parts Song – Wot, wot, do wot, do what, do what?

This song started out as a very cute little mandolin ditty that I started in Japan and then Lynn Timpany added an extra verse in New Zealand.

The idea behind the song is to transform the classical NLP process, Parts Integration, into a song that people will enjoy listening to without realizing that they are going through a deep psychological change 🙂

Along the way, the song also went through its own deep change and ended up being transformed from that mandolin ditty into a rocking blues driven by the cool guitar of Robert Hewer. I also somehow became reborn as a Southern Preacher and the song begins with me calling on everyone to rise to see the altar.

Interesting how our minds work – there are certainly more than a few parts in there!

And while parts integration is one of my very favourite NLP processes, I don’t see it as always necessary to integrate parts unless they are actually causing a conflict! I have known NLP practitioners who can spy parts at a distance of 100 meters and area already rushing into an integration. That kind of compulsive integration seems to me to be a little, hmm … compulsive 🙂

Integrating all those parts might actually do away with some of the fun of life and certainly some of its creativity. After all, creativity can be regarded as the ability to draw ideas from two very diverse fields in order to create something new. And having different parts is a natural way to have two different perspectives.

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