I was talking to a friend, Dave, on Facebook and he said that he wanted to get a creativity boost. So I invited him for a coffee and we started talking about NLP and life and music and all that good stuff.

And of course, one of the best ways to get the creative juices going is to just jump into something new. In NLP, we might talk about the OPERATE stage of the TOTE model. You’ve got to do something!

So I threw two songs at him, and Dave reminded me of just how experienced a musician he is by learning them in about 2 seconds and then adding in keyboard and bass lines that are lots of fun.

It’s obviously a rough demo, and if you weren’t clued into that, you can listen to my comments to Dave as he is overdubbing the bass part. “Nice, yes, I like that …” – that isn’t actually part of the lyrics 🙂

I wrote the song a few years ago when I was going through a bad patch with pollen allergies and I was running the NLP allergy relief process on myself about three times a day. Nice process and it definitely gives relief. I never have managed to fully clear the pollen allergy. I’d say that I have reduced them about 90% though, and that is a mighty fine thing.

Anyway, as usual my unconscious mind got bored and decided to play, so it wrapped up the process into this song. Because of course, the “allergy relief” process isn’t just about relieving allergies. It is a great way of learning anything in a dissociated manner.

In the song lyrics, first you watch Superman, and then Superman flies right inside of you, bringing his thoughts and strength and beliefs and so much more. I didn’t actually get the words right in this demo … just enjoy it until I get around to the next step of the recording.

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