Teachers all over the world have found NLP to be useful in many ways to motivate learners and get them curious to learn more, and to create a better learning environment.

Using NLP, you can tailor your language to get the exact results that you want, understand and utilize different learning styles, create rapport quickly with groups of learners, and help students with learning problems. And of course, NLP is very valuable for you to manage your own state and goals in the classroom and beyond.

NLP Resources for Teachers

  • If you are new to NLP, here is our Introduction to NLP for Teachers
  • Would it be useful to go into every class with exactly the right attitude? If you agree, then learn and practice the Circle of Excellence so you can always be in the right state to really facilitate learning for your students.
  • Lots of folks ask for recommendations for a good book. While coming to a live training  is the best way to learn, here’s one good book to start off your NLP collection.