Upcoming Shows

March 29

GC Live, Nagoya

Performing with Tengu Tatties

April 15

Red Rock, Nagoya

April 28

KJs, Gifu

Performing with Tengu Tatties


I perform a mixture of my own songs, traditional Irish music, and some oldies. Over the last few years, I usually perform solo or with Sarah Mulvey as a duo. My main instruments are a Morgan guitar, a Lowden guitar, and a Jean Le Voi mandolin. For guitar, I often play in alternate tunings such as open G or DADGAD.

Over the years, I’ve played with various Irish-influenced bands including The Rising Pints and The Magical Otters, and contemporary rock bands such as Iznit Obvious.


Over the years, I’ve written over a thousand songs (many of them now forgotten!). As well as recording on my own albums, my songs have also been recorded by other artists including Mark RenburkeBellfast, and the Tomo Shagger Tribute Band.

I also write music and songs for commercial projects including music for the rather fun Potato Pals series for Oxford University Press.

In 2009, I completed a major research project into the process of songwriting for my Phd and the doctoral thesis is now available for purchase as an ebook on Amazon. It’s a great read if you are interested in the process of songwriting.

Musical Theatre

In November 2016, the rock and roll musical Brian Cullen’s Jukebox Paradise had its debut performance by KBP Theatre at the Chikusa Playhouse in Nagoya, Japan. This musical started in my head about 25 years ago and it was great to see it finally coming to the stage. There was a great script by Gary Beaubouef and the hardworking international cast was directed by Steve Pottinger. I was musical director for the show. We also recorded a 20 track CD that you can buy or listen to on Spotify or most of the major streaming services.


Please get in touch if you would like to arrange music for your event.