Farewell to Dr. Richard Harte, NGH Hypnosis Trainer

I just heard the sad news that Dr. Richard Harte has passed away from a heart attack. I have fond memories of Dr. Harte training us in our Train the Trainer course at the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) near Boston two years ago. Dr. Harte was one of the most experienced hypnotists and psychologists that I ever had the honour of meeting, and his lessons were a great mix of technique, stories of his own experiences, and fun adventures. We had a lovely evening at the NGH convention where I pulled out my little mini travel ukelele and Dr. Harte got way into singing along with all the songs.

Dr. Harte incorporated hypnosis and many of his own original techniques into his corporate trainings for years. He was a great marketer and was always suggesting ways of expanding business and of course having more fun. He was one of the main developers of the NGH training materials which have been used to train thousands of competent consulting hypnotists over the years. While Dr. Harte may not be carrying out the trainings himself anymore, his ideas and philosophy will continue in the materials and all the people that he has trained over the years.

For one so full of life, it is a reminder that life is limited and a precious thing indeed. I had hoped to meet up with Dr. Harte again and have another chat and listen to his amazing stories. I guess that is going to have to take place in another realm. In the meantime, farewell for now, and thanks for all the fun and great teaching, Dr. Harte!



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