A Letter for Teachers in Japan

Dear Teacher,

We hope the semester has been a good one so far. It’s hard to believe it’s over halfway finished.

We are writing to you today about a weekend workshop that may be useful to many teachers. The workshop is called “From Burnout to Brilliance.

The focus of this teacher workshop is on personal development, not only in the role of teacher, but also in the many other areas of our lives that affect us as teachers. The workshop takes place in mid-July, the time of year when grading looms, the students are lethargic, teachers are tired, and the temperatures are soaring. Prime burnout season.

Our workshop aims to help teachers to understand the causes of burnout, address the issues, and ultimately provide the tools and techniques that will help them to overcome burnout now and in the future.

To create a really relevant workshop, we have examined the research into burnout and more importantly we have interviewed teachers in Japan about what creates burnout in their career. Based on this and our other work in personal development, we have designed a series of useful activities for this workshop.

The workshop will help teachers to gain new perspectives on their work environment and other aspects of their lives, including their relationships with friends, family and workmates, their experience of living and working in a foreign country, their enjoyment, their finances, and, very importantly, their overall physical and mental health.

Over the course of two days, teachers will gain an in-depth understanding of their own personal triggers for burnout in and outside of the workplace, and learn how to address them in practical ways before burnout has a chance to set in.

If you or the teachers in your group believe that this is a workshop that will benefit you in your personal and professional lives, please join us on July 15th and 16th at Nanzan University for a weekend that may change the way you look at work forever.

If a group of 3 or more teachers from an institution would like to attend the workshop, a discount of 20% is available on the cost. In the past, some participants have used their research or teacher budget to cover the cost of the workshop, and we will work closely with you to provide any documentation you may need to complete your paperwork.

Attached is a flier that we hope you will distribute to any teachers you feel would benefit from this workshop, and do feel free to post it on bulletin boards, or distribute in the mailboxes of any teachers, full or part-time, at your school.

If you have any questions, please contact us with the form below and please have a closer look at the webpage:


Thanks for your time and interest, and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing you very soon.

All the best,

Sarah Mulvey and Brian Cullen

Standing in Spirit Training (SIS Training) and The J’Expat Network

Nagoya, Japan