Coaching and hypnotherapy sessions can be extremely helpful in both your personal and working life. Every person’s situation is different, so please contact us through the form below to talk about how we can help you. In most cases, 4-6 sessions can produce permanent positive change. We strongly recommend that you commit to four sessions from the outset. As well as dealing directly with your issue, you will also learn to use self-hypnosis and other tools effectively so that you can gain better long-term control over every area of your own life.

Some of the ways that a coaching or hypnotherapy session can help you include:

More confidence and success at work
"Thanks so much. I have already volunteered for a bigger role in our restructured department. That is something that I wanted to do for years, and finally I got the confidence. Thank you so much for your help and guidance!"

Session Details

One session is 50 minutes. Your first session may be longer in order to provide time to discuss your situation in detail.

All sessions are by appointment only. You can set up your session by telephone, email, or the form below.

Sessions can be held over Skype or at our session room in Shinsakae, Nagoya, Japan.

Sessions can be held in English or in Japanese.

Comments or questions are welcome.

Coaching and Therapeutic Modalities that We Use

Some of the therapeutic and coaching modalities that we use are explained briefly below.


So many of people’s habits are unconscious and are difficult to change using will-power alone. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool because it allows you to communicate and get messages directly to the unconscious parts of your mind that are actually controlling so many of these habits. Please get in touch to find out how hypnotherapy can be helpful in your case. You can also download a free audio explanation. And enjoy our little manga version below that was produced by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

The Truth About Hypnosis


NLP is a model of communication. It provides a highly effective set of tools to help you change your communication, behaviour and thinking patterns. By using NLP’s tools to explore your goals, establish plans of action and make necessary changes in your approach, you can begin to develop greater flexibility, satisfaction, and achievement in your personal and working life. Through just a few sessions, you can learn to start transforming life’s stresses into opportunities to enhance your personal growth.

Clean Language

Clean Language is a way of exploring and resolving issues and challenges through metaphor. Our subconscious minds often respond better to metaphor than logic.

Dr. Brian Cullen is certified as a hypnotherapist (National Guild of Hypnotists), a master practitioner of NLP (IANLP), and a Clean Language facilitator (The Clean Coaching Center).

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