Think of an issue or problem or challenge in your life…

for example…

  • I want to…
  • I can’t…
  • I have to…
  • In a perfect world…

Now, read the three random quotes below and consider how they relate to your issue.

Have fun exploring new perspectives!

Quote 1

All experience is subjective.

Gregory Bateson


Quote 2

To awaken, you will have to choose to
be present many times each day.
You will have to honour the present
moment as the truth of life.
You will have to know that everything
outside of this moment is an illusion,
created by the power of thought, memory and imagination.

"Journey into Now"


Quote 3

Surely, if there is one thing all of us who have extended experiences inducing change with human beings (ourselves included, of course) through the application of NLP patterning can agree on, it is the futility of thinking in terms of controlling anything in the realm of human activity. Control is a fiction – a seductive illusion – choice is the point. These are fundamental distinctions in the life vocabulary of any well-trained NLP practitioner.

John Grinder

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